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Dr. Travis Watson, DDS - Farmington Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Travis Watson

I grew up in western Nebraska and bleed Cornhusker red. If you would have asked me when I was young what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you an architect, an attorney, or a teacher. I never would have said dentist. In college while working on a degree in secondary education, I worked in a hospital as a radiology aide and learned to love the medical professions. After a year of student teaching in Ohio, I realized teaching was not for me. I spent six years in undergrad trying to determine just what it  was I wanted to do for a career. During this time I met my wife and we got married in July of 2001. I went to night school in order to work days and put her through Dental Hygiene school. I was introduced to dentistry through her family. After many hours of research and shadowing I decided on dentistry as my major. I was accepted and spent four years at the University of Nebraska’s College of Dentistry and graduated May 2008.

I love all sports, except for soccer, and enjoy spending time with my family and my two dogs.