Whether you need replacement dentures, suffer from periodontal disease, or just recently experienced tooth loss, you can use dentures as a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing replacement for lost teeth.
Dentures maintain oral health by allowing you to chew and digest your food properly, and they help normalize facial appearance by filling sunken holes created by missing teeth. Along with these medical and aesthetic benefits, we offer dentures in Farmington, NM to help you speak clearly and increase your overall self-esteem.
Especially if it’s your first pair, it’s important to understand denture purposes as well as the available types. Our office provides complete and partial dentures and bridges.
The Procedure
First, your dentist will examine your gums and their ability to support dentures. After taking molds and checking your oral health, your dentist will begin the process of fashioning your conventional dentures.
After 3-6 weeks, and several appointments to measure and fit your dentures, your dentist will present you with your finished dentures. But before you leave, the dentist needs to check the dentures for fit and comfort, and you’ll get an overview of maintenance instructions.
Denture Care
Use denture cleaning tablets or a special solution to clean your dentures daily. Make sure you also remove your dentures every night to give your gum tissue time to rest and revitalize. Brush your dentures gently without toothpaste to make them taste better too.
Rely on our services in Farmington, NM for dentures or replacements. Contact us to set up your appointment at (505) 325-2859 or request one online today.
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